Autel Ships New the Evo II.

The long awaited Autel Evo II announced that it has shipped and is available as of April 20 to resellers.  The new drone, focused on hobbyist and drone professional was first announced at this years CES in the first week of January.  The drone is available with three different version focused on the consumer, prosumer, and professional drone pilots.  The drone is viewed to be a competitor to DJI Mavic Air 2 that is rumored to be announced shortly.

Autel Evo II
Autel Evo II







Here are some of the feature highlights:

  • List Price is $1,495 for the base unit and $1,795 that is targeted for professionals.
  • HDR Video
    • 8 K folding drone with resolutions up to 8000 x 6000 which allows printed images of up to 100 inches wide.
  • Omnidirectional obstacle Avoidance
    • The drone uses 12 computer vision sensors that are controlled by a on-board duel-core processor and AI based machine learning to protect the drone from running into objects.  Detects up to 30 meters away and controls the speed of the drone to avoid collisions.  The feature is user defined in that pilots can turn the feature off if they wish to use the radar feature.
  • 9 KM Video Transmission
    • Control the drone from up to 9 km away.  The longer range means that you will keep connected in crowded urban environments and where there is thick foliage (such as in the forest).
  • Dynamic 48 MP Stills
    • A 1 inch sensor with 6K resolution.  Includes an adjustable aperture, HDR and intuitive camera controls.   Thermal resolution 640 x 512 and 8 K sensors.
    • The drone supports a number of cameras including units by Sony and Thermal Cameras by FLIR.
  • Built-in screen remote controller
  • 40 minute estimated flight time
    • The battery comes standard with a 7100mAh rechargeable battery with up to 40 minutes flight time in forward motion and 35 minutes of hover time.
Autel Robotics CES
Autel Robotics CES



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