Check Out The Blade Nano QF BNF QuadCopter

The Blade Nano QF BNF Quadcopter is a spectacular piece of engineering and quite possibly the closest you will get to a handheld UAV in the next few years or so at least!

The Blade Nano is compact enough and lightweight enough to allow it to be fully held in one hand. And it’s sleek, small size ensures that it can easily be flown safely around your house. Even in the smallest of rooms!

But small doesn’t mean limited, especially in the case of the Blade Nano QF BNF Quadcopter! Because of the built-in gyroscope plus a heap of other great features, you will have the capability to pilot this incredible craft up to 300 m away. This is achieved by capitalizing on DSM2 or DSMX radio transmission technology.

Seriously, if you’re hunting for a new UAV, you ought to pay close attention to the Blade Nano QF BNF Quadcopter!

Stand out features:

The most obvious standout feature that this remote-controlled quadcopter offers is surely its incredibly compact size.

A lot of the hobby drones out there are massive monstrosities that can be very slow, and quite challenging to get up off the ground. And even more of a challenge to control in inclement weather– but the same can not be said when you’re discussing the Blade Nano QF BNF.

Small enough to fly around in a single room in your house or office but sturdy enough to fly around outside in nearly any weather condition (insert obvious disclaimer about storms, hurricanes and tornadoes of course), this is a quadcopter design that is set to revolutionize the industry.

Built-in SAFETM technology (proprietary technology) delivers boosted stability and agility to the pilots of these UAVs, enhancing their skills and ensuring that their response time never let them down when they are taking in aerial maneuvers with their UAVs.


Just one of the first things (if not the VERY first things) that you will observe about the Blade Nano QF BNF is that it runs almost silently– even when its blades are spinning just as quickly as possible. This is going to enable you to use this amazing little gizmo to “sneak up on people” around the house – a great attribute for you pranksters out there!

Secondly, this piece of technology uses lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are way more lightweight than NiCad, save a lot of energy because they charge faster. They also keep their charge longer and can offer substantially more oomph in the capacity department.

Finally, and this is a brilliant feature, the Blade Nano QF BNF Quadcopter includes a “return to sender” button. At any time you can hit this button and your Nano will return straight back to you no matter where they are at that time. This alone is extremely useful for any time you have lost sight of your drone and need it back!


Some buyers have complained about a weak RF signal sent from the remote control module, saying that the signal isn’t strong enough to support long-distance flights or those that climb higher and higher into the sky. However considered that this particular quadcopter has an advertised effective range of 200+ meters that really shouldn’t be all that much of an issue. If you need to go higher and further than that, you probably need a bigger, more powerful drone.

Secondly, this specific remote-controlled quadracopter can be a bit of a challenge to fly, particularly if you don’t have any real experience backing you up with UAVs or drones.

Final verdict

After all consideration, if you just want to have the chance to get your hands on an inexpensive and compact drone, and have an absolute load of fun, the Blade Nano QF BNF quadcopter is definitely a drone that you should seriously consider.

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