Drone fly aways: Causes and how to prevent them

A drone fly away is the worst thing that can happen to you in your drone flying career other than crashing your drone. Drone fly aways are one thing but something more painful will be if your drone goes away to some place else and wrecks into someone or creates a fire (LiPo batteries are to be taken care of very seriously, btw).

Now personally, I have never had a drone fly away thanks to one of my friends (though I have crashed drones many times) . The gal had her $500 drone fly away before I got a chance to screw up, so I ended up researching and putting my attention into avoiding it as much as I can.

Most new drones that come out today (the prosumer level ones and above) have safety mechanisms built in to them that will prevent fly aways in most instances. But even then, you never really know! In this article, we’ll cover some of the most common ways that you can cause a drone fly away. We’ll also cover how you can find a lost drone if you do. Still, I suggest that you pay attention to avoiding ways you can cause a drone fly away more than anything, in this article. Prevention is certainly better than cure!

With better technology in the latest drones, drone fly aways are becoming less and less common. Still, it is certainly not a hundred percent zero. So what causes a drone fly a way then? How do you prevent them?

Here are some reasons:

Finding a lost drone

Tactics to preventing a drone loss: First we’ll discuss some tactics to preventing a drone loss. Though it is not “finding” a lost drone, it is still relevant enough to discuss as a precursor to that.

Here are some things you should remember all the time, as a drone pilot, to minimize the chance of losing a drone completely from the time you start losing the signal (do this every time you start losing signal): 

Tips to finding a lost drone: Now that we have the prevention tactics out of the way, lets discuss some clever ways to actually find your drone: 

How to track a drone? The best drone tracker you can get

Tracking a drone is one of the best ways to mitigate potential problems with drone fly aways. There are three types of trackers out there that you can get:


When it comes to a drone fly away or even losing your drone by having it crash land in an unknown area, we recommend you take every precaution possible to avoid losing your drone. Even the cheapest DJI drones are around $500 today and it is certainly not worth losing them!

So please, take every little precaution you can. Avoid the 12 blunders I have listed above, follow the precautionary tips and get a drone tracker. This will make sure that the chances of you losing your drone is next to none.

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