Drone Video: 2020 Effects of the Corona Lock Down

One of the most surreal thing about the corona virus is the lack of people.  While we are all used to either seeing or experiencing busy streets.  people, cars, are far fewer due to various lock downs.  Here is a video of different cities around the globe that illustrate this.

Here is what our friends at Airvuz.com had to say about this video:

Drone Video of the Week finalist ArturCarvalho brings us this brilliant video from Lisbon during one of the strangest times in the long history of the great Portuguese capital city: during the Covid-19 pandemic in the Spring of 2020.  As Spain became one of countries worst hit by the deadly virus, its neighbor Portugal adopted increasingly stringent social distancing measures to combat its spread.  The result is what you will see in the video – public spaces nearly emptied of people and ordinarily busy streets appearing virtually deserted. ”

I also love the music.


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