DroneShield Joins Bosch to Develop UAV Security Mitigation

Australian counter-drone firm DroneShield is partnering with Bosch Security and Safety Systems to develop a new anti-UAV system that will integrate with Bosch’s video surveillance products.

Bosch provides a range of surveillance solutions globally across several industries, including prison, airport, critical infrastructure, and other sectors.

DroneShield offers several drone mitigation products including:

  • DroneSentinel: a multi-prone detection product designed to locate rogue drones. The solution is aimed at customers unable to deploy jamming because of regulatory or operational restrictions.
  • DroneSentry: A solution that detects and neutralizes unmanned aerial bandits using jamming technology. The product is geared toward foreign clients – the product has not been authorized by the FCC and may not be sold or leased in the U.S. because it jams radio signals.

DroneShield CEO Oleg Vornik said:

“We look forward to working with Bosch across customer segments. Most customers seek to make the most use of their existing installed hardware and systems, and adding our capabilities to the large installed and growing base that Bosch has in Asia-Pacific and globally, is expected to drive significant value to the customers – that is, the customers are able to utilize their existing surveillance hardware to gain a new counter-drone capability.”

Hsiang Nung Kuah, Bosch Business Unit Security, Director, Regional BU Marketing added:

“Bosch is pleased to add DroneShield as the preferred counter-drone partner to our suite of capabilities. Drone security is becoming a rapidly increasing problem for our existing and prospective customers across the sectors, and we expect DroneShield’s capability to service this emerging need.”

Last week, DroneShield launched a partnership with Altitude Angel, a leading UTM technology provider. The deal will deploy an integrated product to selected customers to bring “single-point situational awareness” to managed airspace for users such as national governments and airport operators.

In April, DroneShield scored a new agreement with Thales Spain to utilize and promote anti-drone products in its defense and security contract bids in Spain and other countries involving counter-drone  technology.

In March, the firm made a deal with Saudi Telecom Company’s executive arm, STC Specialized, to bring enhanced drone detection and mitigation to key sectors such as government installations, industrial plants and wireless communication assets.

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