EMAX TinyHawk Camera Upgrade

EMAX TinyHawk Camera Upgrade

I love the EMAX TinyHawk but [IMHO] the camera EMAX fitted to it sucks pretty badly, especially when transitioning from light to dark, but rather than just live with a crappy image I decided to get proactive and give the little beast an upgrade. This is actually pretty easy since the FC/VTX provides a regulated 5V supply for the camera and the canopy is made from a soft plastic that is very easy to work with

Once the canopy was removed and the old camera extracted, I only needed to make two cuts with a fine tooth X-ACTO saw to accommodate the new Foxeer Falkor Micro camera and its mounting base. The camera base is made from 3-ply birch plywood and glued to the canopy with thickened CA followed by a light misting of Kicker to set it

The Falkor Micro weighs in at a mere 5.5g and to me, any differences in flight characteristics with the added payload aren’t noticeable – I’m just thrilled I now have a great video image! 😁

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