Evan Turner Snares RaceDayQuads 2019 MultiGP Drone Racing

Source: MultiGP

Evan “headsupfpv” Turner of Knoxville, Tenn. is flying high after winning the RaceDayQuads 2019 MultiGP Drone Racing Championship on Nov. 17 at Daytona Stadium.

Turner will be offered a paid pilot position with the Drone Racing League for the 2020 season.

MultiGP pilots have the opportunity to work their way up the drone racing ranks and get invited to the Drone Racing League and their show airing on NBC Sports.

Turner rounded three laps at 33.37, beating out his closest competitor, alex ‘captainvanover’ Vanover, by just over 3 seconds.

MultiGP is the premier FPV radio-controlled racing league which hosts frequent competition-based tournaments, free-fly gatherings and casual events serving chapters across the country.

In addition to the primary championship finals for both Sport Class and Pro Class, “the next…” format returned to the series. Each group had a secondary championship for “the Next 40”, positions 41st through 80 in qualifying (of the 100 in Sport Class and of the 200 in Pro Class), resulting in non-stop action over the span of all race events.

Turner and several in the top 16 used the Five33 Switchback frame system. The system weighs in at around 55 grams while still having 5mm arms, a stiff, wiggle-free mid-section, and both 20×20 and 30×30 mounting options.

The system has a unique Side Force Generator (SFG) mounting system that allows pilots to modify the flight feeling of the craft while adding minimal weight and complexity. Pilots can opt to run SFGs for tight technical tracks or opt to Switchback to a nude configuration for windy days.

The race was not just about glory – the competition has an educational side. The championship includes a collaboration with STEMFEST USA, a “celebration of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.”


Pro Class – $10,000

1st – $4,000 and a DRL contract
2nd – $2,000
3rd – $1,250
4th – $1,000
5th – $600
6th – $500
7th – $400
8th – $250

Sport Class – $2,000

1st – $500
2nd – $250
3rd – $250
4th – $250
5th – $250
6th – $200
7th – $150
8th – $150

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