Gas Drone 3 Hour flight time

Finally we got all the flight tests done on our hybrid generators.

You can see some of them on youtube like this one 

It was surely not easy to perform all this research and development work, especially when you constantly have to deal with customers that don’t understand all the work behind every unit development and production.

Not making any delay is something serious, but quality innovation and durability are the most important.

New hybrid drone models are being designed here at the laboratories, smaller ones and cheaper.

next model is going to use 15″ propellers and a 1000W generator, a configuration which will provide 5 hours of flight time with a light payload and more than 2 hours with a medium payload.

Soon we will be updating our larger 2000W drone, making a more professional-oriented aircraft, more expensive but also with a huge 7 hours flight time.

Larger aircraft are still in design-process, we want to have a 90 kg payload hybrid aircraft before 2021, at the moment we are discussing with engine manufacturers the possibility to use 18KW engines as generators for those aircraft. 

The last version of our 2000W drone is featuring the following specs:

Wheelbase: 800 mm
No payload weight: 9kg (no fuel)
Max take-off Weight: 16 kg
Max speed: 15m/s
Max flight time: 1 to 3.3 hours depending on payload and wind
Voltage: 44V 
Generator output: 2000W
Generator weight: 3.6 kg
Fuel tank: 3L
Fuel consumption: 600g/kW/h

Noise: 60 db at 10 meters                                                                                         

Displacement: 30cc                               

Start system: generator pull start.

ALL the generator in-flight regulations are processed by the onboard computer which regulates during all the flight the power production depending on the needings of the aircraft.

Additional information:

The generator use is very simple, charge your fuel tank with Gas-Oil mix at 30/1 ratio, plug the battery, pull the starter and fly!

The flight is very stable and any payload can be easily installed on the drone (if you have a payload particularly tough you can contact us and we will design the payload mount together)

No need to ever recharge the back-up batteries.

For more info

or write to

Ps. this version now has a super bargain price!

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