How To Build Your Own Cubby House

Building a cubby house for your kids is something to look forward to. Kids would love the idea of ​​having their own play house place at the law or at back of the house. This will be a good bonding time between you and your child and with the play house that is as arm's reach from the house, you can monitor your children all through the day.

Cubby houses will offer your children a sense of belonging for the place. It will be the perfect place where they can entertain their friends and can have lots of fun. This is a place where you will have peace of mind knowing that your kids are just around the house and in a safe place. Once you have decided in building the place for your kids, careful planning should be done first. This will ensure that the entire requirement for the cubby house will be done accordingly.

Budget: Before you start with the planning, you must know first how much you are willing to spend for the cubby house you are planning of building. The cost of a play house varies; it can cost you to as much as to $ 2500 or less. On the other hand, if you are talented do it yourself person, you will spend less by building it yourself.

Do It Yourself Kits: Since you want to be part of building the play house and at the same time save money, buying a DIY cubby house kit will be the best option. The kit comes with the precut materials in which you will assemble following the instructions from the DIY kit. You have to ensure that all the materials are fitted securely before you let your kids play with it.

Prepare the Floor Area: If you are a novice, mark out the area in which you are planning to install the cubby house. Put the markings on the dimension and the perimeter of the area. You may need a string so that the measurement will be accurate.

Walls: Work on the top and the bottom of the walls first, and then the windows. Measure and cut the plates and then stand them up and screw them in the floor.

Roof Frame: For the cubby houses to be strong, utilize four roof rafters. Skillion roof is easy to install compared to the pitched roof.

Décor: When finished, to make it attractive for your kids, use quality and colorful paints and decorated the play house so that the children will be attracted to spend that time playing in the play house that you built.

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