Ladies and Gentleman, Start Your Sim: Drone Racing League

Think you have what it takes to be the next Michael Jordan of drone racing? Then the Drone Racing League wants you – to try out in the 2020 Online Simulation Tournament.

The league announced tryouts last week for a $50,000 season contract. In total, the DRL is awarding $75,000 in prizes over the two-month seasons. The tryouts will allow any potential racer to compete from the comfort of their computer. Twelve online qualifying tournaments will launch between Feb. 18 through March 26. The final race will be webcast on April 2.

To give it a try, download the simulator and create a free online account by Feb. 3.  Entrants must have a Windows or Mac PC, the DRL Simulator and a reliable Internet connection.  Sponsor recommends a 3 MB/s download and 0.5 MBs upload connection.

Those completing three heats on the 2020 tryouts track will automatically qualify to join the weekly online tournaments with no time cut off. “If you can complete the track 3 times, you’re qualified to compete,” a DRL spokesperson said. “Once you qualify on the 2020 Tryouts Track, you can join any of the 12 weekly online tournaments.”

“Each week is a different track. During the tournament, you have 30 minutes to set your fastest time in a Solo Race using the DRL Racer4. The Top 24 will battle it out bracket-style to become the overall winner. Every tournament winner automatically advances to the Finals.”

One Grand Prize Winner will receive a DRL Pilot Contract opportunity valued at $50,000. At the end of each Thursday during the contest period, the top three eligible players on the leaderboard will be awarded $250.

Regional Leaderboard Prizes: At the end of the Contest Period, the top 25 eligible players on each of the Asia/Australia, Africa/Europe and North America/South America leaderboards will be awarded prizes in conjunction with the below schedule.

Rookie Tournament Prizes:  At the end of the contest period, the top 25 eligible players on the Rookie Leaderboard (only open to players who have downloaded the DRL Simulator for the first time) will be awarded prizes in conjunction with the below schedule.

Regional & Rookie Leaderboard Prizes

Place     Prize Amount

1              $          500

2              $          300

3              $          300

4              $          300

5              $          290

6              $          280

7              $          270

8              $          260

9              $          250

10           $          240

11           $          230

12           $          220

13           $          210

14           $          200

15           $          190

16           $          180

17           $          170

18           $          160

19           $          150

20           $          140

21           $          130

22           $          120

23            $          110

24           $          100

25           $          90

TOTAL: $3,850

Sponsor will also award the following add-on prizes:

Participation Award:  All entrants who have participated in three or more Races by March 25 will be entered into a random drawing.  Sponsor or its representative will randomly select three winners on or about March 26 to receive a $250 cash prize.

Viewership Award: At the close of each of the 12 Races, Sponsor will randomly select three live stream viewers of that Race to receive a $100 gift card.

Complete rules

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