Legos Means Play Well

Lego. No, not Lego my Ego. The word actually means “Play Well”. Yes, I’m talking about the little plastic building blocks, we all know and love.

The original toys were made of wood. Children had issues with their building projects falling over “Whoed a Thunk It” and a short time later an inventive Danish man named Ole Kirk Christiansen, cleverly put tubes inside of the bricks; and Legos were born.

OK, so Lego found themselves in England and patented in 1939. They wouldn’t be fully distributed until 1947. So, Legos actually got their start in Europe.

The Lego Expo is a site to behold. It’s a traveling museum of Lego art, knowledge, supplies and memorabilia. It is not cheap. Admission is $20.00 a head. T-Shirts are $15.99, and Lego kits are a good 15% higher than at Walmart.

You will see, Bilbo’s Hobbit Hole, Darth Mall, Gandolf and Batman. Ohh, and you gotta wonder why the Lego Batman, looks like regular Batman, and not Lego Batman-Weird huh? And all made entirely out of Legos.

What you won’t see are the 300 unemployed Connecticut factory workers. They have lost their jobs to China and Mexico. They should have had a Lego Art Statue of the Twinkie Cowboy, it would have been more fitting. How do they expect Americans to buy their over-priced plastic blocks, I mean “really”.

Nonetheless, my kids love em’. They have sets of Harry Potter, Star Wars and the New Ninjago sets. We have a table dedicated to Legos. The Expo allows the company to roll out new lines, like the “Monster Hunters” line, and generate excitement. The Kids get to try their hand at building and playing with them at the Expo.

I may or may not get invited back to the Expo after this article hits. The truth is, the show was completely sold out. My kids and America love Legos. and the Hundreds of Families that are there spending their hundreds of hard earned American (nearly worthless) Dollars on foreign made goods.

I will say this yet again. Raise the import tax, and you will take the incentive of companies leaving the United States out of the equation. The problem is, that Big Business, likes the low cost labor. They would rather pay off our elected officials with campaign contributions to keep things running this way.

What they don’t realize is, it will cost them more in the long run. There is a curve to this type of graph. Kinda like a pyramid scheme; you have to get in early or it doesn’t do you much good. Worst case scenario, thinking like this will completely collapse the American economy. Play Well… yeah right.

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