mRo Control Zero Autopilot for Unmanned Vehicles

mRo Control Zero Autopilot — made in USA

The smallest and most powerful autopilot in the world of its kind created for unmanned vehicle builders made in USA!

A high-performance autopilot, specially designed for advanced/professional users who require the best of the best with minimal space.

Built for Builders!

“mRo Control Zero”, in its core, is a universal development board and comes fully supported by PX4 and Ardupilot. If you require further customization, the mRo Control Zero will come with all the libraries and examples that will allow you to initialize and access all the board sensors and functions directly via our reference code.

Yes, you will be able to create your custom software for this board in no time, no need to worry about initializing everything (We did it for you). The software is written in C and utilizes a free, easy to install Eclipse-based IDE and supplied by ST. All is included for free with the sole purpose of giving you access to learn, edit, and improve. Be sure to read and understand ST Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) license.

But… Be aware of the “limitations” of C, any careless handling of a single byte can potentially provoke a buffer overflow (don’t worry, it won’t damage the board). But hey, This how we all learned at some point, right? The recommended IDE also supports C++ so that you can jump to objects anytime you wish to.

You are Covered!

The mRo Control Zero comes heavily shielded from EMI and highly static hands, so feel free to use your grandma’s polyester sweater while handling the board. Many cloned autopilots come with some potential design flaws that if are manipulated improperly it will permanently damage the board. We know you might have burned one (or two)!

The mRo Control Zero has multiple, independent power supplies, internal voltage sensing, EMI shielding, resettable fuses and buffered PWMs.

The PWM outputs are level shifted to 5V for optimal noise reduction and compatibility across all consumer and commercial ESC devices. With a total of 8 output channels, each with DMA support for 8x dShot devices (yeap, they are all Bi-directional). Every pin exposed is protected.

The PCB is a 6-layer stack with an optimized concentration of copper that ensures excellent heat dissipation, but the F7 and H7 microcontrollers are more power efficient and therefore they dissipate less heat compared to the all F4 microcontrollers.

Lastly, the mRo Control Zero has a conformal coat to protect it from the environment. Conformal coating is an acrylic layer that covers most the electronic “pads” — leaving exposed only the sensors that require direct atmospheric contact, like the pressure sensor and the buzzer.

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