MultiGP Drone Championship Takes Flight in Daytona

Courtesy of MultiGP

Daytona Beach has become synonymous with NASCAR and beach hot-rods, but a major drone racing league may have beachcombers looking to the skies to quench their need for speed.

MultiGP and STEMFEST USA recently announced the RaceDayQuads 2019 MultiGP Drone Racing Championship, slated for Nov. 7-17 at Daytona Stadium.

The top 100 UAV pilots will compete in the sports-class division Nov. 7-9.

“Many drone racing pilots in this field will be competing in their very-first championship,” a MultiGP statement reads. “Perusing the early roster of pilots most-likely to qualify, this looks to be the most evenly matched field of racers in MultiGP’s tenure — it is anybody’s game to win.”

From Nov. 14-16, the event switches to the RacedayQuads 2019 MultiGP Pro Class Drone Racing Championship and will see the top-200 ranked pro pilots compete on two separate.

Qualifiers so far include two-time 2015-16 MultiGP Champion Shaun “Nytfury” and reigning champ Evan “headsupfpv” Turner.

“In addition to the primary championship finals for both Sport Class and Pro Class, the ‘Next’ format returns to recognize the champions and top-ranking qualifiers of tomorrow. Each group will have a secondary championship for ‘the Next 40”, positions 41st through 80 in qualifying (of the 100 in Sport Class and of the 200 in Pro Class, in addition to blade-to-blade top-16 double elimination brackets with Chase-The-Ace Grand final races each weekend.”

The MultiGP Champion will be offered a paid pilot position with the Drone Racing League for the 2020 season.  “Any MultiGP pilot has the opportunity to work their way up the drone racing ranks and get invited to the Drone Racing League and their show airing on NBC Sports”

The race is not just about glory – the competition has an educational side. The championship includes a collaboration with STEMFEST USA, a “celebration of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.”

Other MultiGP drone racing events include:

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