Open Source Chevy Volt Project

Well guys it’s been a while! I own a Chevy Volt now and I just cant wait to fiddle with it! LOL so I started a Group on Facebook for the project and I’ll be adding a website and forum at for the project.

After starting the group one of the new member’s Matt Davis Pointed this out.

Openpilot Autodrive Project

So I think it’s only natural Ardupilot can do the same.

But I didn’t create the group just to use autodrive. There is so much more to do than that! Like getting control of the infotainment system and adding an onboard computer to the touch screen built into the Volt. Gaining control of the modules and allowing battery modfications and Fast charging and feature controls. So much more is possiable!

The willdest project I have in mind is using 2 Volt drive systems in my class C RV that has 7000w of solar and having the volt as a TOAD and have it’s system help provide propulsion and braking for the entire train! LOL yeah that’s just an idea. But so much really is possiable with these new EV vehicals and it should be furtile ground for future programmers of vehical designs and for the future of the industry.

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