Pi-Connect on Indiegogo – DIY Drones

After 6 months of research, development and testing, I’ve launched the Pi-Connect on Indiegogo. The Pi-Connect is an addon board (HAT) for the Raspberry Pi that provides easy and reliable integration with autonomous vehicles.

It provides:

  • 5.1V / 3.5A power supply
  • JSH-GH telemetry port for connection to a flight controller
  • 2x powered UART ports in “FTDI” 0.1″ headers for connection to on-board serial devices
  • ADC (MCP3008) for monitoring of voltage rails or other sensors
  • Power button that safely shuts down the Raspberry Pi

I’m using Indigogo to fund a small production run, so if you want a board go to https://igg.me/at/piMdxRo2YBg/x/2660470#/

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