SAM E70 Flight Controller Design Release to Public Domain

SAM E70 Flight Controller Design Release to Public Domain

TBT-AV1 controller top

After more than three years in development, this flight controller has become an academic exercise. Changing markets have made marketing of the product unprofitable. However, the design is now in the public domain. Anyone is welcome to use the design for academic purposes or build their own. There is no restriction on the use of the design. The design contains many components and how-to implement them.

There is a complete set of Gerbers for the design using the lastest design files and they are available on Github here including all of the design files and at Github at twbrkfd1TBT-AV1

The design is in KiKad and passes all KiKad electrical checks. There is a complete verified BOM and an Excel file which documents pin usage. The controller is on a standard 50mm x 50mm PCB and uses JST-GH locking connectors. In addition, an expansion bus allows for the add-on of accessory boards and/or a companion computer, external IMU, etc.

One of the main features is the use of on-board redundant gyros. This has been proved effective in numerous recently released flight controllers which also have redundant gyros like the iFlight TwinG and the CL Racing F7 Dual.

To all you do-it-yourself’ers out there, I hope you glean some insight from the schematics. There is lots of info here on how to connect a RTC chip, gyro, compass, barometer, LEDS, voltage regulators, use of ESD components, etc.

Once again, the design copyrights are hereby released by me Thomas Butler and Thomas Butler Technology, Rockford, Illinois, USA ( ) into the public domain for use in any application by anyone with NO restrictions on commercial or academic projects or any other type of project.

The design has NOT been fabricated, I say AGAIN that the design has NOT been fabricated. That is up to YOU!


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