SAQ-12 “Bobwhite” UAV


More photos and stuff to come. But not tonight–I need to sleep.

Morning edit with background cruft:

The SAQ-12, or "Bobwhite" as it is more commonly known, is a semi-autonomous reconnaisance UAV intended for missions where a constant stream of data traffic between the UAV and its operator could compromise the position of human personnel. It derives its popular name from the rising sequence of tones emitted by the SAQ-12 at the end of its bootup sequence when indicating a clean system health check, which resembles a bird call.

Instead of a realtime remote operator, the Bobwhite relies on a milspec 3SA (Symbolic Synthetic Sophont Architecture) processor specifically engineered to parse mission profiles and rules of engagement written in BELGO (Battlespace Encoding Language, Goal-Oriented). These operating parameters can either be uploaded prior to deployment or pushed in-flight, allowing the SAQ-12 to operate with a certain degree of autonomy for up to 20 hours and respond heuristically to scenarios that challenge the defined mission parameters.

The arming of autonomous or semi-autonomous drones is prohibited by treaty, so the Bobwhite’s typical role is limited to reconnaisance. While there are functions and logic in BELGO relating to target acquisition and ordinance management, those APIs were explicitly left out of the 3SA implementation on the Bobwhite and other similar drones. However, there are rumors that some special forces units have managed to circumvent these limitations by spoofing the 3SA into treating weapons systems as if they were cameras, and rerouting target acquisition through the Bobwhite’s IFF subroutines.


Non-Lego parts: Brickarms Modern Combat Helmet (trans-clear) as the drone’s "eye", which is illuminated by a single Lifelites LED powered by an eLite Jr.

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