Secrets Of Beekeeping Hives That Thrive!

Knowing how sensitive bees are, finding the best equipment and the right beekeeping hive is imperative to running a successful business. Being a beekeeper requires a lot of time and dedication, but still it is a tough business where the smallest of mistakes can be the cause of catastrophic losses. If you are a beginner, then it is even tougher to assure success.

Most professionals would agree that without the right tools of the trade, their business of bees and honey making would fail miserably. So it is important to understand the nature of bees in order to care for them properly. Without proper education, a significant amount of time could be wasted buying equipment that is unnecessary; or worse, harmful to the bee colony.

First, the best way of building a hive that thrives is to purchase books relevant to bee health and provides tips and techniques that will insure your success. Books on beekeeping are fairly inexpensive and many are now available online. It would be helpful to gather information on the basics of bee colonization and their behaviors/tendencies. Plus, there are numerous videos and DVD’s that show step-by-step processes of building the hives that support your specific type of bee.

Before you go any further in your equipment purchasing, deciding on the number of colonies is key to knowing the number of hives you’ll need. This number will decide on the amount of bees to buy as well as the actual size of the hive.

A specific step that needs to be addressed to promote thriving hives is the purchasing of bees. This is crucial for creating a balance and increase chances of survival for the colonies. The right number of queens, drones and worker bees is necessary to assure the proper functions are carried out within the hive without one overbearing the other and upsetting the natural order. Plus, the ages of the bees must be in correct proportions as well.

Reputable companies provide bees that have high chances of being free from mites that damage health. Damaged health in bees means a lowered immune system that can affect the whole colony with deadly results. The best companies treat for mites to provide the best bees available for purchase and are known by their reputation. Seeking out other successful beekeepers will most likely lead you to the best bee breeders and insure your hives thrive.

With different types of hives available for purchase, it is important to decide which will be best for your harvesting efforts. You will want to be sure that retrieving the honey is easy enough and is suited to your needs. Some hives allow for some of the combs to be reused where some do not. When combs are not reusable, this is more work for you and the bees.

Beekeeping and having hives that thrive are not very complicated. With complete understanding of bees and their nature, all you really need to do is learn the best hives for your needs, build them and maintain them properly so that the bees can do their job. The hive is their home and their home is where they make honey. If this is done properly all that’s left is to enjoy the honey.

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