Starcraft 2 Scouting Guide – How To Effectively Scout In SC2

Do you want to learn how to effectively scout in Starcraft 2? Scouting is a huge part of the game that can easily give you the upper hand in a SC2 match. If you want to learn how to properly and effectively spy on your enemies, here are a couple of things you might want to learn.

Start Scouting As Early As Possible

The first watcher unit that will be at your disposal will be a resource gather. No matter which race you are, you should start to spy on your enemies before you have your first offensive unit made. High level players usually send a resource harvester like a Probe, SCV or Drone to start observing as soon as they begin building their first supply.

The reason that it is best to increase your map vision early is because you do not want to run into an offensive unit with your Probe, SCV or Drone before ever getting a chance to see what your enemies are building.

The objective of your first observer is to look for anything strange with their build order. For example, if there are no units within them, it usually means that they want to win the game fast. In this case, you will want to figure out a counter to defend against the horde coming your way.

Keep in mind that by effectively spying on enemy base early, you will be able to build your units to counter appropriate and plan strategies to win accordingly.

Scout As Often As You Possibly Can

Remember that you are not the only person spying. This means that your enemy will be spying on your base and putting together a counter according to what you are building inside your base.

By spying as often as possible, you will be able to have constant updates on what your opponent is making. This means that if you are able to properly observe your opponent, you will be able to counter his counter for your units.

Another reason why you want to look out your enemy's base often is for weak points. For example, if you see that all of your enemies units are in one area, create a diversion to draw them out while flanking them in another spot.

So by spying early and often, you will have complete knowledge of what your enemy is thinking and planning. This will give you the upper hand, which will result in a win.

However, how do you properly and effectively scout like a Diamond league player?

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