Stuck at Home? Why not study for the Part 107 Drone Test?

As public officials continue to urge people to stay home and practice social distancing amid the coronavirus outbreak, many are seeking novel ways to pass the time behind closed doors over the next few weeks (and maybe beyond).

While some turn to video games or pet fostering, drone enthusiasts considering Part 107 commercial pilot certification can take this opportunity to prep for the multi-part test. Here are some free and paid resources to help you bone up while you’re shut in. Stay healthy!

Free Resources


Why not go to the source for a free study guide? The FAA offers a Remote Pilot Knowledge Test Guide downloadable as a PDF. In addition, the agency offers a free Remote Pilot – Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Study Guide, also downloadable as a PDF. You can also take a sneak peek at sample test questions.


Drone company 3DR offers a variety of free resources, including a “cheat sheet,” aeronautical chart legend and a “What to Expect” section.

Tony Northup

Award-winning author and photographer Tony Northrup has created a study guide that also includes a video tutorial.  His guide includes a by-the-numbers cheat sheet, a PDF offline guide and several sub-headings covering most every topic.


The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) provides a wide variety of resources for drone pilots: education, training, discounts, and networking opportunities. The group offers a test-prep section as well as a pre-test checklist. In addition to training and information, AOPA is putting the strength of their network behind commercial drone pilots.  Through a relationship with, pilots can find jobs: a “Pilot Protection Services” plan gives drone pilots access to legal services.  Additionally, relationships with training schools and drone expos offer discounts to AOPA members.

Jonathan Rupprecht

Florida-based aviation attorney Jonathan Rupprecht, known for his recent release of a drone-law database, offers a free Part 107 study guide to help the drone community based upon his experience as a FAA certificated flight instructor and aviation attorney.  The guide includes a practice test.



DroneU offers a test-prep training course for $47 per month that includes access to Part 107 Drone License Test Prep Class modules, live test-prep video replay, as well as community groups, expert consultation and supplementary content.


DARTDrones is currently offering a 13-lesson Part 107 Drone Pilot License Test Prep package for $250 – a $100 discount.

Course topics include: Regulations Under Part 107, Airspace Classifications, National Airspace System Air Traffic Control Clearances and Permissions Uncontrolled Airspace Controlled Airspace, Flight Restrictions, Chart Study, Reading Sectional Charts Chart Legend Navigation Basics Chart Interpretation Difficult Chart Test Questions, Airport Operations for Drone Pilots and Radio Communications for sUAS Pilots. The company also offers other drone-training package bundles for individual pilots and companies.

Drone Pilot Ground School

With more than 20,000 successfully certified drone pilots, Drone Pilot Ground School is recognized as a leader in commercial drone test prep. The Part 107 course covers all 120 plus knowledge concepts across more than 65 video-based lectures in addition to bonus lessons with “practical flight knowledge” as well as drone business operations. Cost is $250 for one student but discounts apply to larger groups.

Aviation Supplies and Academics (ASA)

ASA has been offering aviation training since 1940; so, it’s no surprise they offer a wide variety of Part 107 resources. The company offers video courses, eBooks in the $10-$30 range and eBundle combinations ranging from $30-$50.

Miriam McNabb contributed to this article.

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