Super Bowl drones: Drones for Halftime Show?

While most drones have been banned from flying during the Super Bowl, we wanted to note the importance of drones in major sporting evens such as the Super Bowl.

That is a exception to the ban on Drones that was put in place by the FAA recently, and as covered in  The penalties pack some punch, with  up to $30,000 in civil fines and a potential criminal prosecution.

But  drones (ones that are allowed) are augmenting or in some cases replacing traditional fireworks at major events such as the super bowl.  Intel has been a leader in this field for some time, with drone shows including one that was featured on the Girls who Drone.  Drones also played a role when Lady Gaga performed in 2017.

Will Drones play a role in this show that features The Weeknd?   We are not sure, but drones shows are getting better and better and we will certainly be seeing more of them at major events worldwide.

Here is a drone show as show by the Guinness Book of World Records that is described as the biggest drone display ever as shown on






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