The best scenic spots in America to fly your drone


One of the coolest things about owning a drone is being able to use it to photograph areas of stunning scenery that you simply couldn’t capture from the ground. Often, it is the place itself that gives the best drone shots – camera quality and your photography skills can only take you so far. 

Luckily, America is bursting with scenic spots for you to fly your drone, and, most importantly, capture those beautiful images to show your friends and family exactly what it’s capable of. If you’re looking to get more creative with your photography destinations while still staying within legal territory, it’s certainly worth paying a visit to one or more of the following ultimate drone locations:

1. Stone Mountain Park, Atlanta

Spread across approximately 3,200 acres, it’s well worth stopping by at Stone Mountain Park, Georgia’s most popular attraction, with your drone to hand. Stone Mountain a large piece of exposed granite, most famous for the three carved figures on its North face, which (when you can find them!) make for awesome drone footage.  


2. Prince William Sound, the Gulf of Alaska

Boasting a breathtaking combination of fjords, glaciers, waterfalls and bays, Prince William Sound is the drone photographer’s heaven. The vast landscape offers stunning scenery, calm waters, and the possibility of glimpsing a wild animal or two. Whether you fancy a bit of whale spotting, or you’re after capturing outstanding images worthy of framing, head on over to the Gulf of Alaska – and don’t forget to take your drone with you. 


3. The Grand Canyon National Park, Nevada

The Grand Canyon is absolutely overwhelming in size, and the only way to really make the most of it is through capturing it from above with a drone. If you’re a fan of geological history, you’ll love its layers upon layers of orange-red rock, and the Colorado River that snakes through it is an unforgettable sight from the sky. It’s certainly worth saving out on those costly helicopter tour fees in favour of your drone. 


4. Shoshone Water Falls, Idaho

With a 212 feet drop and a rim at a width of 900 feet, Shoshone Falls is impressive from all angles – but the bird’s eye view is something else. The natural beauty is one of the largest in the US, and is well worth the visit for photography purposes alone. Be careful not to fly your drone too close to the falls – you’d be surprised at just how far the water spray can reach. 


5. Key Largo, Florida

Located in the upper Florida Keys, Key Largo offers an enticing combination of spectacular beaches and clear blue seas. If you enjoy the tropical island vibes the location has to offer, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that you can capture long-lasting memories from above, as drones are currently legal to fly in the area

Worth the reminder…

If you are a regular drone flyer, it’s important to keep in mind the legal restrictions when it comes to where you can and can’t take your drone. The rules for different areas change all the time, so keep an eye out Before You Fly for any updates if you’re planning on visiting a particular spot with your drone.

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