The Dumb-Battery Era is Over

Over the past couple of months, we have been working on a “smartification kit” to obtain accurate state of charge for Lithium batteries. Currently most systems use voltage based capacity estimation which is inaccurate and make it hard for flyers to

  • maximize their flight time
  • understand changes to battery capacity over time
  • choose from the best pack among the many-in-hand to race with

Batmon helps solve all of the above issues and also automatically discharges the battery to storage voltage after set-time to enhance the life of the pack. 

The board currently works with modified pixhawk, ardupilot and arduino firmware. More details about the kit is available here:

We also help assemble custom lithium ion and polymer packs with Batmon integrated for your specialized use case. 

Please PM me if you’d like to know more details. 

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