The Importance Of Toys in a Child’s Life

Toys are an integral part of a child’s life. 70% of their waking hours is spent with a wide spread variety of toys to keep them amused and engaged and rightfully so. Playtime can not only be a great source of entrainment but educational and informative paving the path to successfully learning and development of a child from a very young age.

Toys build a strong and well-rooted foundation for their ability to absorb and understand their environment.

A child’s mind is like a sponge that can take in a world of information at a furious rate. Toys open their mind to creativity, imagination and help develop speech, reading, thinking, problem solving and fine motor skills. Early learning begins at home and the toys they play with influences their educational and emotional development. Every child possesses a natural level of curiosity and this drives them to think progressively and reach out for new experiences again and again.

Soft toys make a good and practical choice for babies. They are soft to touch and easy to hold. Bright coloured toys attract their attention and help them to differentiate the patterns and shapes easily. As they grow, toys should challenge a child’s interest, ability and maturity level.

Social play should be encouraged and given importance as much as solitary play. Whist a child can play with a building block and outwit himself time and again, in the process developing independence, confidence and self-satisfaction, it is also vital they play as a group to gain social skills such as sharing, co-operation and leadership.

As parents we ought to understand the dynamics of the mind of our offspring. A child’s attention span is very brief, they tend to loose interest and can be distracted very easily. Therefore, a wide selection of toys is essential them motivated, stimulated and happy. It is also important for a parent to pick and choose good quality toys baring in mind primarily their safety but also their child’s interest and ability, for each child is different and their capabilities very unique to them.

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