Transform Your World: New DJI Release Set for August 13

Maybe it’s just us, but it definitely seems as though DJI’s teaser videos are getting more abstract ahead of new product launches.

This week the drone industry’s leading manufacturer has published the following clip ahead of what we assume will be a new release on August 13.

“One, two, three, get ready to set your creativity free.”

The video comes along with the tagline, “One, two, three, get ready to set your creativity free.”

Unlike previous DJI teasers, there are no apparent shots of the product in question. Instead, we’ve got a whacky, psychedelic mix of cartoon scenes with no obvious theme to pick out.

But it’s not a total mystery. As occurred in the days leading up to the launch of DJI’s new FPV system, FCC filings made by the company recently give an indication of what we can expect next week.

Long story short: It looks like DJI is about to launch a new handheld stabilizer for mobile phones, the Osmo 3. These images are taken from that filing.

The teaser video also hints at a software release for video editing, so maybe we can expect a revamp of DJI’s Mimo app to go alongside the Osmo 3 launch – With more editing tools and creative potential for mobile filmmakers.

DJI continues to branch out

The Osmo 3 looks set to be another DJI release that will target the mass market, as the company continues to extend its reach beyond drone technology.

DJI now has products that cover a range of enterprise use cases, professional aerial photography, FPV racing, handheld gimbals, action cameras, Ed-tech and more.

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