Upgrading this site to Ning 3.0 (beta testers needed!)

Hey, all 91,000 of you! After way too many years of an old-skool design here based on the original Ning network template of 2007, I’m thinking it’s time to upgrade to the more modern Ning 3.0 service. It should be much more usable on mobile, big screens and otherwise the responsive, social-friendly platform you’d expect today.  It’s also an opportunity to clean up the site without losing more than 13 years of content (which is a lot! Millions of pages…). 

I’ve set up a staging site where we can see and refine this site on Ning 3.0 before making the formal switchover.  It’s here.

Would you like to help me update the site for a new decade? If so, please PM me and I’ll give you edit access to the new site.



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