Use Starcraft 2 Cheats to Improve Your Game

Like any other video game, there are many Starcraft 2 cheats available, even before the game is released. When you get to know these cheats before you start playing you will have an advantage over your opponents. The cheats that have been published so far are:

– Technology Upgrades: To get technology upgrades, type the words "medieval man" and then press Enter once more. This action will instantly upgrade your technology.

– Free Unit Upgrades: You can instantly upgrade all of your units for free when you press, type in the words "something for nothing" and then press a second time.

– Infinite Energy: To get infinite energy, type "the gathering" and press again.

– Instant Loss: To lose the current level instantly, you just press, type in "game over man" and pres

– Instant Victory: For an instant win, type "there is no cow level" and press Enter again.

– Invincibility: To obtain invincibility so that no other teams can deal with damage, type "power overwhelming" and press again.

– Lift the Fog. When you want to prevent the Fog of War from returning, press, type "war aint what it used to be" and press. Do not place an apostrophe in the word aint.

– Receive 500 Vespene gas. When you find that you are running low on gas you can get a refill by cheating.

Press, type "breathe deep: and press.

– Disable Food and PSI Requirements: To disable food and psi limits, type "food for thought" and press.

– Build Over Supplt Limit as Protoss or Zerg: When you are playing the part of a Protoss or Zerg and want to build your supply limit up over 200, your Dark Archons can take over any Protoss unit by means of mind control. The Zerg must have at least 8 drones and many minerals.

You need to mutate these into a cheap building, much like a creep colony, and then rush back to your own hatchery. Mutate any of the larvae that you find into the unit you want and then you can stop the drones from finishing while it the unit is mutating.

– Zerg Music: When you are playing the part of a Zerg, type "radio free zerg" and Zerg music will start playing.

– Build Units Beyond the Supply Limit: at any time during your game play, you can press, type "food for thought 'and you will be able to build units past your supply limit.

– Select a level: to Select a level of play, press, type "ophelia, again, type in the level you want and press for the third time.

– Disable Level Victory: If you want to continue playing even though you have achieved victory, type "staying alive" and press again.

– Receive 500 Minerals free: You can get an extra 500 minerals when you press, type "whats mine is mine" and press.

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