Wake Up, America: The Fine Line, Between Border Security, And Op…

Most Americans, regardless of political, partisan beliefs, and loyalties, agree, it makes sense to have sensible border security, as well as an overall, well – considered, immigration policy, in order to provide our nation, and citizens, with the level of safety, and security, we need, and desire! Unfortunately, certain politicians, such as President Trump, have appeared to attempt, to use this, for their personal / political agenda, and self – interest / advantage! Trump has created a political marketing machine, unlike nearly anyone else, which has reached out, to appeal to the prejudices, and fears, rather than seeking any meeting – of – the – minds, for the common good! He campaigned, by creating an analogy, between, the so – called, Southern Wall, and border security. As President, he reminds us, he's keeping his promise, on this issue, while failing to mention, his original promise, was, Mexico would pay for the wall. Is this, an honorable, solutions – based, focus, or, merely, using the Wall, as a symbol, although, the vast majority of experts, claim, it is an ineffective, overly simplistic, extremely expensive approach? These experts state, not only would Mr. Trump's attempt, be, ineffective, but using a combination of other methods, including drones, technology, and humans, would accomplish, the goals, of safety and border security, far more efficiently, and effectively, at a lower cost! Historically, when nations resort to walls, many equate it, to an attempt, at oppression, and restricting human rights, etc. With that in mind, this article will attempt to consider, examine, review, and discuss, some of the differences between rhetoric / vitriol, and symbols, and effective policy.

1. The Wall: Supporters of the Wall, point to the historic, Great Wall of China, the walls used by Israel, the Berlin Wall, etc., as examples of walls, keeping those considered undesirable, risky / dangerous, or unwanted, out of the specific area. Memories of these other walls, bring out the recalling of oppressive governments, which attempted to restrict, basic human rights, liberties, freedoms, and justice for all. In addition, in areas, where there are existing walls, they have been defeated, by the building of tunnels, etc. An example is how, the drug cartels, have often brought in drugs, regardless of this so – called, security. Other obstacles relate to geographic restrictions (such as mountains and water), as well as the need, to declare eminent domain, in order to use existing land, already privately owned.

2. Where does most drugs, contraband, smuggling, etc, occur? Statistics indicate, an overwhelming majority of items, we wish to restrict, come in, through, border entrances, rather than, through, unguarded areas. Much of the reason for this, is, along this 2,000 mile stretch, many areas, are so challenging, to travel through, the risk, is greater than the reward!

3. Alternatives: Instead of building a wall, there are alternatives, which would provide border security, more effectively, efficiently, and at a lower cost! These include using drones, radar, technology, and human guards.

Why, then, President Trump, focused so much, on the Wall, and, consistently, equated, safety and border security, with agreeing to the physical barrier? Is it, a matter of, prioritizing, our safety and security, or, merely, an attempt, to inspire and motivate, his core supporters, and feed the feelings of prejudice and hatred , for personal / political reasons / agenda, and self – interest?

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