Why Your Child Needs Baby’s First Blocks

If you want to help your child during the young, developmental stage of life, baby’s first blocks is an important thing to have. There are many options available, so it depends on what you are looking for when it comes to your baby.

Some parents start with one type of set and then change to another as the baby grows and advances. The most popular type right now is still an old classic that works with shapes and colors. If you are looking for a way to help your child with identification and problem solving skills, you may want to start with this kind.

What It’s All About

Generally for baby blocks the beginning set is made of plastic and the blocks come in a variety of shapes. Your baby will have about five different shapes and 10 blocks total. While babies cannot build too much with them, they can have hours of fun grasping and stacking. Both of these are actually important activities to perform during the developmental stages of a youngster’s life.

With the shape fitting alternative what you get is:

• Blocks – Different colors and shapes can help to stimulate your baby’s creativity and imagination.

• Carrying case – This gives you an easy way to clean up or take the game on the road for playtime at grandma’s. The best part is that while the child plays, he or she is actually putting the pieces away.

• Shape fitter lid – The lid has corresponding shapes for your baby to stick the pieces into. Learning how to put the blocks into the holes is the best way for your baby to learn about identification and problem solving skills.

There are so many benefits for your baby playing with blocks at an early stage in life. For one thing, the hand eye coordination is an important benefit. Even getting to dump the blocks back out is a fun activity for little ones. This truly is one of the best educational and enjoyable toys a baby can have in the first year and beyond.

What’s to Love?

It starts with the lid and is all about sorting shapes, sizes and colors. Your baby learns about identification through sorting and trying different blocks in different lid holes. Parents also love the easy clean up and storing to help free of space and reduce baby toy clutter.

This also isn’t a toy that babies get bored with quickly. Your little learner will enjoy dumping out the blocks and starting over again. Aside from sorting, your baby can stack and do some building with these blocks.

Finally, it doesn’t get much easier to pack up and tote your baby’s favorite toy. Baby’s first blocks can be put in the container by the child or parent. Then simply secure the lid and use the carrying handle for easy transport. Get your baby excited about learning with this early learning toy and tool.

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