Wooden Building Blocks For Children – Grandparents Joining The Fu…

Grandparents frequently purchase sets of wooden blocks. What are some reasons that they would be buyers for this product?

Could it be because they have fond memories of playing with building blocks themselves as children? Maybe it’s because they don’t relate to the “high-tech” toys of today? Do they realize the educational benefits of a set of building blocks? Maybe it’s because they see that natural wooden blocks are a toy that will last, won’t need new batteries and will be played with over and over again? Or maybe it’s just because it’s really grandpa who wants to play with them! Consider this comment from one grandpa, “The blocks are loads of fun and the grandson likes them too!”

Grandparents not only buy wooden block sets as a gift for their grandchildren, but often purchase a set for their own home. They may get them for a family vacation home, beach house or cabin where the family would gather.

Grandparents are drawn to toys they remember well. Years ago wooden building blocks were in every home. Grandparents often kept the block sets they had as a child and then passed on to their own children. Now they are wanting to share the joy of playing with this traditional toy with their grandchildren. Grandpa may not be able to do well at video games or “Angry Birds”, but he will enjoy spending time with the grandchildren making a creative town, castle or fort together. If not down on the floor with them, Grandma will certainly love seeing the joy that comes to her grandchild as he or she learns to build a tower, knock it down, and then begins again. Grandparents have found this to be a great way to bond with their grandchildren, sharing something they enjoyed as a child.

Grandpa is often the kind who can fix or build anything. Our older generation grew up learning these skills. Maybe that all started with a childhood of building and playing with simple toys like wooden blocks that fostered creativity and taught them how to figure out how things work. Grandparents can see that we could learn a thing or two by getting back to some basic creative toys, like wooden blocks.

Grandparents want to invest in toys that will be appreciated, won’t be broken quickly or abandoned when batteries run out. Wooden blocks are durable and will be used over and over again in new and creative ways. Grandparents know that a set of building blocks, kept at their own home will become a favorite toy. The one that the grand kids want to play with each time they visit.

Wooden blocks are a gift that many grandparents are buying, not only for their grandchildren, but also for their own home. They are finding it can be a great way to connect with the younger generation.

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