Wooden Building Blocks – Traditional Toys for Children

Wooden building blocks are an old-fashioned toy that children of all ages can play with, from babies right up school age and beyond. This simple wooden toy has evolved and developed over the years and the humble square block can now be found in almost every shape and color conceivable. Building blocks promote imaginative play and creativity whether played with alone or with friends, and are great for families with children of varying ages as their size prevents them from being a choking hazard.

Small children learn a lot from play, and wooden building blocks help to make learning fun. Babies are happy to practice their grasping and clutching skills, and soon learn the art of building and knocking down simple towers. As their hand and eye co-ordination improves towers will soon grow taller, but knocking them down is still far more fun at this age! Many wooden blocks are decorated with bright colors, the alphabet, numbers and pictures. This makes them visually more attractive to babies and toddlers, and with help from parents they soon learn to recognize and pick out specific blocks. Toddlers are naturally inquisitive so blocks with different images help to increase their vocabulary and understanding of the world around them. Once children have learnt the alphabet the blocks can be used for simple spelling games, and at the end of the day when they are tidied away each wooden block can be counted as it is put back in the toy box.

Older children have just as much fun with wooden building blocks as small children. The variety of shapes, colors and sizes leads to almost endless stacking and building possibilities. It becomes a contest to see who can build the tallest tower that will stay standing the longest. Budding architects create 3D castles and houses from carefully selected building blocks. Natural wooden building blocks can be stacked to make realistic looking structures, which are then turned into magical castles when more unusual shaped blocks are added to the top.

As toy makers have become more aware of the impact wooden toys have on the environment, it is now possible to buy environmentally friendly wooden toys. Eco-friendly wooden building blocks that are made from sustainable forests have become popular with parents for several reasons. The toys are made from replenishable rubberwood or maple, and the finished blocks are exceptionally smooth with no risk from splinters. The blocks are then decorated using non-toxic water based paints and lacquers ensuring that babies come to no harm when they chew and bite on the toys. The finished products are exceptionally hard wearing and the toys are extremely vibrant in color thanks to the non-toxic finishes.

Parents and grandparents often have very fond memories of playing with wooden building blocks as children themselves. Wooden toys can be passed from one generation to another and in some cases children are able to play with toys that once belonged to their parent. Wooden building blocks are a simple toy that has stood the test of time; they are available to suit most budgets, are educational as well as fun, don't require batteries and there is nothing to break or stop working unlike many toys in the shops today.

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