XAG deploys crop-spraying drones to successfully protect 20m

XAG has confirmed that its UAS crop protection services have covered an accumulated farmland of 20 million hectares, amid a large-scale cotton defoliation operation in Xinjiang, China.

Among the first to introduce fully autonomous drones to transform the way crops are grown, XAG has become one of the world’s largest agriculture drone manufacturers and service providers.

Its crop spraying drones have operated in 38 countries including South Korea, Japan, Australia, Vietnam, Brazil, Mexico, Zambia, etc.

According to XAG Flight Information System (XFIS), up to September 11, the company’s total drone service record has exceeded 20 million hectares, which is 400% higher than that of a year ago.

Particularly, this August, XAG conducted a record-breaking, single-day operation on as many as 140,000 hectares of farmlands, marking a milestone in the global UAS crop protection industry.

XAG says its 20-million-hectare service record indicates farmers’ strengthened trust on the new technology.

The precision spraying solutions have been applied to sustainably safeguard a wide range of crops, including maize, cotton, rice, wheat and fruit trees, from harmful weeds and pest diseases.

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XAG deploys crop-spraying drones to successfully protect 20m hectares

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