Zerotech Hesper Foldable Drone Launched: A Disappointing

Chinese drone maker renown for their successful Zerotech Dobby selfie drone, now released a drone that we can definitely say in inspired by DJI’s Mavic series – the Zerotech Hesper. Let’s learn more about the drone.

Zerotech Hesper

The Zerotech Hesper is a foldable drone with lots of interesting feature, bust – sadly – none of them make it standout from the competition. The quadcopter does feature a gimbal, but it being only on one axes, makes it quite obsolete when compared to the DJI Spark with 2 and the Mavic Air with 3.

Other features include built-in storage to record videos directly on the drone without the need of an additional microSD card as well as a GPS and GLONASS positioning systems to keep the drone steady in the air.

The Hesper comes with a 13MP camera to snap 4208×3120 photos and record 1920×1080 videos. Finally, the drone packs a 1950mAh battery for about 18 minutes of flying.


Zerotech Hesper Specifications

  • Dual control mode (RC or FlightGo APP);
  • GPS and GLONASS positioning systems;
  • SONY IMX 214,13MP camera with 4208×3120 photo shooting and 1920×1080 video recording;
  • One-axis gimbal (allows to tilt the camera);
  • Electronic image stabilization (EIS);
  • Internal 16GB storage;
  • Intelligent flight modes (Like: Orbit and Target Tracking);
  • One key sharing;
  • Hover Accuracy(Safty Fly Mode): +/-0.1m;
  • Max Descent Speed: 3m/s;
  • Max Horizontal Speed: 6m/s;
  • Flight Height: 800m/120m;
  • Max Live View Quality: 1080P FPV;
  • FPV Latency(ms): 220ms;
  • Up to 18 minutes flight time.

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